APC Welcomes a New Regulatory Manager, Lucia Chianella

Based in Ferrara, Italy, Lucia is an Italian national with eight years’ experience in efficacy trials and regulatory issues, gained at an Italian CRO.  She joined APC in January 2019 and in her new role will provide advice and regulatory support in the specialist area of agrochemicals.

In addition to her native Italian, Lucia also speaks fluent English and Spanish.

During her career Lucia previously specialised in writing Biological Assessment Dossiers (section 3 dRR part B) and was involved in the submission of a number of Zonal Dossiers (Central and Southern EU), as well as National Addendum.  She also has experience in the preparation of Comparative Assessments for candidates for substitution (Art. 50 Directive 1107/2009).

Working within a CRO also gave Lucia the opportunity to experience GEP trials, being involved in the analysis of data using ARM software, and in the preparation of final reports.

Whilst studying at the University of Bologna for her degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, Lucia spent four months working at the Department of Crop and Forest Science at the University of Leida, Spain, where her final project studied the role of plant volatiles and hetero-specific pheromone components in the wind-tunnel response of the male Grapholita molesta.

Contact APC UK +44 (0)1937 587962 or email enquiries@apc.eu.com.